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Become a Remote Affiliate Sales Specialist at The Great Wave Agency đźŚŠ

Imagine combining your passion for surfing with the flexibility of working from anywhere in the world.

As an Affiliate Sales Specialist at The Great Wave Agency, you get to do just that.

Your office? Anywhere you like, whether it’s a tropical  beach or the comfort of your home.

We offer a unique opportunity to leverage your rich experience and connections in the surf industry, transforming them into a rewarding career path.

 Your Network, Your Strength

Your journey in the surf world has not just been about riding waves; it’s about the connections you’ve built and the insights you’ve gained.

As our affiliate, you’ll harness these valuable relationships to introduce surf schools to digital strategies that can revolutionize their business.

Work That Moves with You

Our remote affiliate program is designed for those who value freedom and flexibility.

Whether you’re chasing summers around the globe or enjoying the tranquility of your local break, your work moves with you.

Work at your own pace, on your own terms.

What we offer surf schools:


Custom Links Page

Navigate with Ease: Our Custom Links Pages are the digital anchor. Surf schools get a centralized hub for all their online resources. This service includes is created on their domain name, creating a sleek, easy-to-navigate page that links to all their essential content – from social media profiles to booking systems. Ideal for surf schools looking to streamline their online presence and make it effortlessly accessible to their audience.

Price: $1


HQ Landing Pages

Convert Visitors into Customers: Our High-Quality Landing Pages are crafted to captivate and convert. These aren’t just web pages; they are the surf school’s digital storefronts, designed to resonate with the surf community. With an emphasis on aesthetic appeal and conversion optimization, these landing pages ensure a seamless user experience that guides visitors smoothly towards booking their services, enhancing both engagement and revenue.

Price: $1,000


Bespoke Website Sales System

The Ultimate Digital Toolkit: This package offers the most comprehensive digital transformation for surf schools. It includes a fully customized website, tailored to reflect the brand’s ethos and appeal to their target audience. We create integrated sales systems designed to efficiently manage leads, nurture customer relationships, and drive more sales. It’s an end-to-end solution that not only attracts visitors but also turns them into loyal customers.

Price: $5,000

Your earning potential as an affiliate:

– For the First 3 Clients: Earn a 10% commission on each sale.

– After the First 3 Clients: Your commission increases to 20% per sale.

Earnings Breakdown per Service:

  1. Custom Links Pages ($1)

    First 3 Clients: Earn $0.10 per sale. After 3 Clients: Earn $0.20 per sale.

  2. HQ Landing Pages ($1000)

    First 3 Clients: Earn $100 per sale. After 3 Clients: Earn $200 per sale.

  3. Bespoke Website + Sales System ($5000)

    First 3 Clients: Earn $500 per sale. After 3 Clients: Earn $1000 per sale.

So how much money can you earn?

Imagine the possibilities! 
Your earnings reflect your passion and effort in promoting our services.
Whether you’re connecting with a few surf schools or tapping into a vast network, your potential earnings can grow as quickly as your client list. 

For instance, if you successfully sell 5 HQ Landing Pages, you initially earn $300 (3 x $100) + $400 (2 x $200) = $700!

If you successfully sell 5 Bespoke Websites, you initially earn $1500 (3 x $500) + $2000 (2 x $1000) = $3500!

If you successfully sell 2 HQ Landing Pages and 8 Bespoke Websites, you initially earn $200 + $6500 = $6700!

Are you ready to ride the great wave?

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