$0 to $5k / month online in 30 days


The Great Wave Agency created an online business for a surf school located in Spain. The client had an outdated website that wasn’t converting the traffic it was receiving and thus losing a lot of money.

Our agency started the project and in two weeks the online surf school business was live and running.

We immediately incorporated Monthly Memberships which started generating “passive” monthly recurring income from day 1 and by the first 30 days of operating, the surf school had already generated 63 new customers for a total income of $5,129, all from the organic traffic that their website was already receiving and not converting.

*Stripe earnings report

In the first 60 days of operating, the website received a total of 5,806 visitors and our Surf System was able to generate $10,567 for the surf school, all from the organic traffic the website was receiving. This means that we brought our surf school client 101 new customers (which some will also repeat purchase in the future)

*Stripe earnings report
*Website traffic report

To summarize, we were able to monetize the website’s traffic and take it from making $0 to $1.82 per visitor.

All without paid ads, just organic traffic!

So if in 2 months we were able to generate $10k+, our humble projection is to generate $40,000+ in 12 months, just from the online sales generated through our Surf System, on top of all the revenue the surf school makes from their physical location.

The challenge

  • Creating a website with sales funnel that converts
  • Creating monthly recurring income (Membership)
  • Optimizing the calendar with automated scheduling and follow ups
  • Creating auto email marketing sequences
  • Increasing customer lifetime value
  • Online reputation management

The result

  • Generated $5k+ monthly recurring income in the first 30 days
  • Monetized the website traffic from $0 to $1.82/visitor
  • Converted 130 new clients 100% online that will likely repeat purchase in the future
  • Created a Review Rating System that optimizes the online reputation
  • Systemise marketing funnel for long term growth

What you will learn from this case study…

✅  The importance of building an online surf school business that complements your physical surf school.

✅  Why you could be potentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table by not optimizing your website for conversion.

✅  How to capitalize on your customer base more effectively than ever before by creating monthly recurring income which will exponentially increase your profit margins.


We started working with this surf school about a year and a half ago. This surf school primarily sells surf lesson services and surf equipment rental in Spain.

In our prescriptive analysis phase for this client, we noticed they had a horrible online monetization strategy on their website. They were not making a single dollar from their online traffic.

We completely remade the website, with psychologically tested copywriting techniques to increase the overall conversion rate and induce visitors to purchase surf lessons and monthly memberships directly through the website.

We were successfully able to generate more than $10k+ in our first 60 days since launch and converted the 5,806 website visitors into 101 new clients.

The website went from making $0 per website visitor to making $1.82 per visitor and most of it is recurring monthly income, which means that the value per website visitor will increase exponentially as time goes by.


The business simply did not have the time, experience or resources to implement a harmonious internet business strategy. So our first action point was to plan out 12 months of proven and effective campaigns.

It made perfect sense for our team to gain control of every aspect of the surf school’s online presence… website, e-mail marketing, Google ads, Youtube ads, Instagram ads, Facebook ads, copywriting, visual content, review system, flyers, catalogs, upsells and landing pages.


After taking a broader view of the marketing funnel we noticed a huge pool of website visitors that were not being leveraged into becoming customers.

So we built out a client conversion system for monthly memberships and surf lesson bookings.

The advantage of having a system in place that generates you monthly recurring income is that you only have to worry about customer acquisition once and then potentially keep that client for life, paying month by month. This means that brand loyalty skyrockets which increases lifetime value and ultimately results in way more profit.


Above everything, a focus on strategy is always our main objective. The strategy of how to properly monetize your online traffic, how to optimize the online conversion rate and how to turn one-time customer into month by month recurring income. Developing a successful creative format was essential for us to understand where we could double down our strategies to accomplish our goals.


Having a clear roadmap and expected destination helps us smash deliverables when they need to be executed. 

This surf school struggled to escape its state of entropy and needed a clear plan of action combined with new-age marketing techniques to scale to the next level.

A small shift in creative strategy will lead us to increase this surf school’s revenue and overall profitability of the business.

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